We are a professional web and graphic design company. We create, program, we do not use ready-made CMS systems such as Wordpress, WooCommerce, Joomla, etc., we create from scratch with Bootstrap is exactly what you want to have, not what the "system offers". After us write we take care of your assignment.


1. Contact us at
2. Submit your ideas for us to review and comment on. We help you with free guidelines and tips for absolutely everything from choosing your domain name to the overall vision of your site.
3. After we have commented on everything and you have accepted the offer, we will send you a proforma invoice as well as access data in
4. You have paid your pro forma and we can start now.
Great, now your task is our goal. We hired together domain name, hosting, SSL certificate - basically everything. We will now set them up and configure them to work for you.


In the process of work, we visually and structurally place your site in a directory that only you receive so that you can monitor online 24/7 work on your site in real time. We follow your assignment verbatim but you can contact us at any time to comment on something in your project. As we told you above, we are not enslaved to heavy CMS systems with which you are forced to "get used" to "what they offer". We develop every part of the design and functionality of your site exactly as you requested.


Gradually we build everything and check it and refine it to perfection. Everything you have submitted in your application as images and text is reviewed and processed if necessary by our designers and copywriters. Keep in mind that the project may undergo changes in the work process, but those that do not prevent its construction, ie. small and simple that do not require total restructuring of the system. If you request a striking restructuring of the project, you will be charged additional amounts for the hours worked as written in the contract and our general conditions (Company policy) as will the agreed deadline for implementation.


After we finish the project, you should finally say "YES" and we will review and test it for the last time to make sure that it is 100% perfect and durable in terms of design, functionality and will present you with dignity on the web. Then we put it online and submit it to search engines to index it and start appearing on the search network. Our website offers options that are described in order to find out how much optimization it receives, in addition, we submit each project in Google My Business and Google Maps to ensure that your business will be 100% sent to the network and you can have a location on Google's business network as well as on its maps. AND FINALLY - HERE IS THE RESULT! We set an example with one of our clients - Bebo.


Please send your inquiry to [email protected]

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