What is it Cyber defense?

Cyber defense, also known as digital security, is the practice of protecting your digital information, devices and assets. This includes your personal information, accounts, files, photos and even your money. While security applications and devices, such as software and anti-malware firewalls, are essential, it's not enough to simply plug these tools in and call it good..

Our web security and protection system

DDoS protection - 24/7 for all plans
24/7 monitoring for unauthorized mailbox access attempts - 24/7 for all plans
Mailbox protection - 24/7 for all plans
SPAM protection for opinions and comments - 24/7 for all plans
Protection against security breaches (hacking) of the site - 24/7 for all plans
Malware cleanup from hacked sites - 24/7 on all plans

Security is a process, not a product

Digital security also requires creating a set of thought processes and practices. They include:
Backup copies of data – Important data should be stored in a secure location and you should be able to restore a good, tested, copy of that data in case something bad happens to the file.
Good Cyber Habits – do not open unexpected links or attachments you may receive in an email or text, even if they appear to be from a trusted sender.
Maintain your software updated – operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android, as well as applications and browsers must be updated with the latest patches and fixes from the manufacturer.
Use strong, unique passwords – good passwords should be at least 14 characters long, should not contain English words, and should not be reused across multiple accounts.
Use multi-factor authentication – Whenever possible, both at home and at work, enable multi-factor authentication to keep your accounts more secure.

Why trust us?

Cyber defense is a team sport, our team is made up of certified Cyber security specialists.
We offer the most the good protection for your site, network and components in your office.
With technologies, that we use, you will be absolutely protected from hacker attacks and unauthorized access.

To take care of your security as well, do like our thousands of other customers - write to us HERE with all details and contact details and we will get back to you.