Advertising in Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

Successful management of advertising campaigns in social networks is related to creative creativity, planning, precise targeting and proper distribution of the intended advertising budget. The Facebook Marketing Platform allows us to set up ads for your business on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Good ads drive real business results by prompting consumers who see them to take action. Facebook allows us to target your ad to the exact audience that your service or product is aimed at, which will reduce marketing costs and ensure an increase in your sales.

Advertising in Twitter

Twitter is a real-time news platform where people post tweets, engage in conversations and comment on the hottest topics of the day. On a daily basis, 867 million tweets are posted worldwide. As of this year, the social network has 73% - 80% daily active users. The number of profiles in Bulgaria is about 268 thousand. And the countries with the most active Twitter users are the US, Japan, India, Brazil, Indonesia and the UK. This makes the platform extremely suitable for businesses that operate in the international market.

Advertising in Google Ads, Viber and YouTube

Our Google experts have experience with over 30,000 successful Google Ads campaigns with different goals - branding, sales, conversions, traffic, low cpc, etc. We will perform professional targeting, linking and remarketing of audiences and advertising channels with the traffic from your site, Google Ads or other advertising channels. You can trust us and your business with complete peace of mind, and we will take care to get the most out of the budget you have specified in order to realize your campaign successfully.




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